P.S. 173

The Fresh Meadow School

Kindergarten Parent Handbook


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Welcome to P.S. 173, The Fresh Meadow School, where we are committed to providing a child-centered approach to learning for children from kindergarten to grade five. We ask for your support
in being an active participant in your child’s education. This handbook has been carefully prepared
and presented, so that students and parents may know and understand the policies and practices
of P.S. 173.


School Hours: 8:20 AM – 2:40 PM

7:50 AM         Free Breakfast for all students
8:10 AM         Students enter the school through the main entrance on 67th Avenue
2:30 PM         Kindergarten students are dismissed through the schoolyard exit


Arrival / Dismissal
Our school day begins at 8:20 AM and ends at 2:40 PM (2:35 PM for kindergarten. For continuity of each child’s school program, punctuality is required. Late arrivals disrupt the class; daily program. Pupils not picked up on time at the end of the day disrupt school and staff and upset the child greatly.

Morning line-up takes place in the auditorium for kindergarten to grade two and in the gymnasium for grades three to five. Parents are not allowed to escort their children to line-up. Students proceed to their classrooms with their teachers at 8:20 AM.

At dismissal, for the safety of all of our children, every student will exit the building with his or her class at the designated door. Kindergarten and grade one are dismissed in the playground area and grades two through five are dismissed on 68th Avenue. Please meet your child at the appropriate location.

It is imperative that parents DO NOT park or double-park their cars on 67th Avenue where the buses pull up, park and deliver our children at that entrance. It is not safe or legal! Remind your children to cross only at the corners.
Notify your teacher in writing of any changes from your normal pick-up routine


If your child normally rides the bus each day, expect the child to be placed on the bus each day. If you expect to pick up your child in person, or to make alternate arrangements on a given day, please make sure that the teacher is notified in writing at the beginning of the school day.


Coming to school each day is crucial to student success. When a student misses school, regardless of the reason, important pieces of the educational process can be lost. It is important that a child reports to school on time daily.

Arriving late produces an unsettling feeling for your child and disrupts the class routine.

Please do not plan family vacations during school time. Such absences constitute unauthorized and unexcused absence from school and are recorded as such in our ATS computerized attendance system.

A written excuse is required each time a child is tardy or absent from school. The note should accompany the child upon his or her return to school, as required by the Education Law.

Parents are discouraged from making medical, personal and family appointments during school hours. Moreover, it is the student’s responsibility to make up all assignments, projects and tests during an absence.


State law requires a physical exam for every child upon entering school. The school routinely gives vision and hearing tests, and routinely checks for head lice. If the nurse’s screening indicates a possible problem, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately.


Illness or Injury
If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, he/she will be sent to the main office or the nurse’s office. The nurse or office staff will try to contact the student’s parents. Remember, it is necessary that we know where to reach you at all times. If any emergency numbers change, notify the office as soon as possible. Please make sure the blue emergency card is up to date.

While good attendance is always encouraged, please do not send a sick child to school. For the sake of the good health of all, we ask for your cooperation on this matter.


A student may not bring medication of any kind, including Tylenol, to school. If it is necessary for a child to receive medication in school, the parent / guardian and the  student’s physician must complete and sign a “504” form. Please contact the nurse at (718) 358-2243, extension 1074 for additional information.


Dental Notes
All children are required to go to the dentist each year. Dental notes signed by the dentist are to be returned to the teacher as soon as possible.


Emergency Cards
You will be asked to fill out a blue Emergency Home Contact Card. This card is extremely important. Information on the emergency card is the school’s quick link to parents or other designated caregivers in case of student illness, injury or other emergencies. We must have up-to-date and accurate telephone numbers to reach you in the event of an emergency. Fill in two telephone numbers of friends or neighbors in the event we are unable to contact you. Please inform the school of any changes during the year.


We want to help our students learn in the best possible environment. To do this, Citywide Standards of Disciplinary and Intervention Measures have been established.


Safety During a Fire Drill
Children should be silent and listen to directions. Emphasis is on speed, silence and safety.

Proper behavior is expected from every child. School Aides help ensure that children are sitting while eating, that they are socializing with their friends, and encourage them to eat their entire lunches. Children are responsible for cleaning up and dispensing of their own garbage.

Lunch Collection
Lunch money is collected according to the distributed schedule. Please put a check or exact change in an envelope – mark it lunch money and put the child’s name and class on it.


Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences are held four times during the school year. It is very important for you to speak to your child’s teacher so you will be aware of his/her progress. You will get your report card shortly before these conferences.


Class Re-Organization
School policy is that specific requests for classes or teachers cannot be made. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Parent Teacher Association
The activities of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of P.S. 173 are part of our children’s total education. The PTA invites parents to join and become actively involved. The PTA holds a general meeting every month where information is given and discussions are held regarding important matters. (See the PTA calendar.) Their support is invaluable to our school.


We look forward to having you join our school family!