Mrs. Jean Mendler
P.S. 173Q Parent Coordinator


In 2002, the Mayor and Chancellor created the position of “Parent Coordinator” to ensure there was someone in each school directly responsible for supporting families. The Parent Coordinator is the first person families should contact when they have questions or concerns about their children's school.

Parent Coordinators are part of the administrative team that works for school principals. They work closely with school staff, school leadership teams, parent associations, community groups, and parent advisory councils to engage families and involve them in school communities. They also are charged with identifying issues of concern to families and working with school leaders to ensure that these issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Parent Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Increase parent involvement in the school by working closely with school, parent, and community organizations.

  • Serve as facilitator for parent and school community concerns and issues including, for example, school policies or facilities issues.

  • Conduct outreach to engage parents in their children’s education.

  • Convene regular parent meetings and events around topics of key concerns to parents.

  • Attend parent meetings.

  • Work with the school parent association when asked to provide assistance in establishing by-laws and conducting their affairs in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-660.

  • Serve as a school liaison to central OFIA and its staff.

  • Maintain ongoing contact with community organizations that are involved with providing services to support the school’s educational program.

  • Organize open school night and other events to increase parental and community involvement, and create a welcoming school environment to parents.