Please have the following important forms returned to the school as soon as possible.

1. Lunch Forms: must be filled out even if you are not having hot lunch in school. Every student must have their own form filled out. If you have more than one child in the school, you may list them on one form.  It is important that this form be returned to the school.  Please note, lunch collections are always paid in advance so that our kitchen personnel can order enough food for that period of time.

2. Consent to Photograph: this is a standard form which is required by the Department of Education, for us to be able to post our students pictures on our school bulletin boards or in the school newsletters. If it is not filled out, when taking activity pictures of the students, we will have to separate your child from other students (we prefer not to isolate any child).

3. Blue Cards: required for every student. Please note it is very important that this card remains current with your "emergency contact" telephone numbers. If you change phone numbers for contacts during the year, please advise the main office immediately.

4. T-Shirt order form: This is our (green) P.S. 173 Q, Fresh Meadow School shirt which should be worn by all students for all class trips, in order to be able to easily identify our children in the crowds. This shirt is also encouraged to be worn during our "School Spirit" Days.

5. Behavior Contract: please review this important form with your child so they may have a clear understanding of what is acceptable behavior.

6. Survey: Please help us serve you better by completing the survey regarding workshop topics, language preferences, time frame etc.