Reminder ---  Parent Teacher Association 2016-2017

It’s never too late to join and help with a committee!

The main objective of the PS 173 PTA is to foster programs that will enable parents to become partners in the education of their children. The role of the Executive Board is to plan and execute the tasks necessary to implement the programs and policies adopted by the general membership. The Executive board consists of the President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.   

Please note, It is imperative that parents get involved in our PTA. Here is a list of our functions and fund- raisers. [Print / Download the list as a pdf here!] Please take a moment to review them and let us know which function(s) you are interested in helping us. We will provide training and guidance.  Just send a note with your child addressed to the PTA.  We encourage a “team” effort so that no one is left to do it all.



SALE COMMITTEE- select a candy company in the spring and arrange the sale dates, form sub-committee to collect and count money and a group of volunteers to help distribute merchandise. (Once a year)

PICTURE COMMITTEE- arrange for picture and re-take date with the picture company, coordinate &  assist the picture company on picture day and with other volunteers, deliver pictures to all classes. (3 times a year).

PLANT SALE COMMITTEE- make arrangements with a nursery for delivery of plants, setting up and selling plants in the GYM. (Mother’s Day Event) (Once a year)

BAKE SALE COMMITTEE – arrange dates, send letters requesting donations of baked goods / volunteers, and organize the sale in the gym during the lunch periods (11:00am to 1:10pm, 3 times a year)

HALLOWEEN PARTY and SPRING DANCE COMMITTEE - coordinate after school Halloween Party & Spring Dance, make arrangements with D.J. in spring, send letter to parents requesting volunteers to pack goodie bags, chaperone & decorate Gym.

OBSERVER  (School Paper) BUSINESS MANAGER - collects ads from neighborhood merchants to advertise inthe bulletin in order to defray the cost of publication. Bill, track, and collect fees from the advertisements and send copy of Observer to all who placed ads (see file for letter).

HEALTH COMMITTEEarrange the “Head Check” after each vacation. Send home letters regarding date of the events and requesting volunteers. (4 times a year for approximately 2hours)

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE- send home letter and envelope with information regarding membership and requesting voluntary donation. Collect returned envelopes from office, count money and record information. (beginning of year)

BOX TOPS COMMITTEE - handles the collection of Box Tops for Education Logos (from teachers) and handles Corresponds with General Mills on behalf of the school.


TEACHER & STAFF RECOGNITION DAY- pick a date for luncheon, chose and make arrangements with a catering company. Send letter home requesting donation of refreshments, dessert, fruit salad or a monetary contribution. Function handled by PTA Officers.  (Once a year)

CARNIVAL COMMITTEE – coordinate with the school for scheduling, make arrangements with vendors, buy prizes, order food for volunteers’ lunch (once a year).


IT’S MY PARK DAY – purchase plants, put in request with Parks Department for bulbs, pick up bulbs, send out volunteer letter, clean up park and school grounds, plant bulbs, bushes and flowers (2x per year).

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAM - members meet once per month with the Principal, A.P. and a few staff members to discuss curriculum, budget and other school- based issues. If you are a concerned parent or guardian, you qualify for the team. The school provides the training.  (Monthly meetings)